Calling all people with diabetes!

Community Discussion: High Blood Sugar (hyperglycemia)

How do you pick yourself back up emotionally when you have a high blood sugar reading that frustrates you? Please weigh in in the comment section below! I think we could generate some good wisdom amongst ourselves!

Oh, and if you don’t have diabetes, please share this link/blog with someone who does…I know you know someone who does. I’m really hoping to build this community and you are an important part of that effort!


8 thoughts on “Calling all people with diabetes!

  1. I’ve found it helpful to tell myself “I just need more insulin for highs” (when my high alarm goes off), or “I needed less insulin” when I have a low. Numbers don’t have moralistic values, unless I give them that power. And sometimes I do, but I’m getting better about catching it. And I try to remember that when I think about my highs and lows differently, I react to them much better, and learn from them. It’s taken along time to get to this point.

  2. I decided many years ago that a high blood sugar does not define me any more than a great blood sugar defines me. For 42 years I have been chasing the perfect blood sugar. It has never happened for more than a minute just the same as the really high ones do not last any longer.

  3. When I get really frustrated with a high blood sugar (and I’ve tried to correct it but it doesn’t work) I usually give myself some time off. Literally. I give myself a pat on the back, more insulin, and try to relax with a cup of coffee. Then I always feel better emotionally.
    Like someone said in an earlier comment, the numbers don’t define you after all. So you might as well enjoy a calm moment with yourself.

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