Great Blue Herons and Pelican

Cases…that is.

These are two things I’m into right now.

DSCN2791.JPGThanks to adventures with Frog Hollow Outdoors I’ve discovered some amazing new rivers recently. Above is a view down the Black River near North Carolina’s coast, called so because of the high tannin content that makes its waters a coppery blend of dark blue, brown and green. Below and above the tree branches birds wade and fly: Anhinga, or snake-birds soar overhead, Great Blue Herons pick their way through the cypress knees.

From this and other recent river adventures I’d like to give a big T1D shout-out to the ever useful pelican case. Such a pretty little thing, and air and water tight too! On the river I keep my novolog pen, some extra pen needles, a microfiber cloth, alcohol pads, a spare meter and lancet device, test strips, and chapstick, all sealed inside. All of that seriously fits into one case if you pack it just right. I have another one for my camera and honey zinger packet.

My pfd is also T1D friendly with a nice chest pocket for another honey zinger packet and maybe some energy chews, although these I keep in a plastic bag because there are many to a pack and I typically just have a few at a time.

Last time I went paddling I wished I’d packed more protein, maybe beef jerky or trail-mix. Please feel free to share your ideas for managing Type 1 on the water.