Marching Today Because I’m Over It

I’m proud to be marching today next to so many of my powerful sisters (and brothers) who are mobilized to create and embrace positive changes in our society.

I encourage you to read the full mission statement behind the Women’s March on Washington and the Women’s Marches across the nation.

Click here to read about the Women’s March on Raleigh mission and march info.

The March gives me a chance to stand up and say that I’m over it. I’m over the empty promise that we’re making progress on the wage gap. Women in the United States still make on average $0.80 to the $1.00 that men make for the same level of work. I’m over degrading and restrictive attitudes and practices regarding women, their bodies, and their roles. We are not grabbable commodities.

Today, I’m over ‘just getting over it.’

I feel so grateful that I’m not alone.




IWPR. “About Pay Equity and Discrimination.” Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Retrieved on 1/21/2017.

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