The best laid plans

imageWhen one is traveling, going with the flow is essential, de acuerdo? I think the same with diabetes. I actually missed my flight to Bolivia. But the plane came back for me, as it turns out. We’ve visited so many amazing families who have fed us some amazing Bolivian delicacies. It’s been necessary for me to take more insulin than usual in order to aprovechar de la experiencia and also deal with the stress of last minute changes and running to throw our luggage onto buses. Also, blogging, probably not going to happen much. But I did spend a 6 hr bus ride trying to photograph an alpaca or maybe a llama, for my friend Ms. Boffa, and I finally succeeded.


3 thoughts on “The best laid plans

  1. Backpacking may require sweets in the middle of the night to bring you back from a low. In bear country (black bear – Utah) all ediditable food is placed in a pack, that is hoisted on a rope into a tree to a branch ten feet above the ground and ten feet from the trunk, and a hundred yards from your site. Obviously the candy or other sweet would be difficult to get to in a tree if needed in the middle of the night. Since in bear country keeping it in the tent is not safe either, what alternatives might you suggest to have immediate access to something to use to offset a serious low during the middle of the night in bear country. Is there something that could be safely kept in the tent, like some medicine or the like that a bear could not smell. At a loss to know what to do.

    God bless you for what you do and what you are doing on our behalf.


    1. Hi Chuck! Thanks for the comment. I have definitely encountered this…don’t know if you’ve read this one:
      I didn’t get too many ideas from people with T1D as to how to deal with middle of the night lows, but I did bring it up to a friend after that who goes camping out West a lot. He suggested the pelican case idea, thinking that anything that was in the pelican case would be hopefully air tight, and that would probably circumvent the smell. He also suggested alcohol swabs to wipe hands and anything the food touches, that would then go back in the case. I’m still nervous about this! It doesn’t make me afraid as much in WNC where we have black bears, but if I was somewhere with grizzlies…I still am not into the idea. Let’s see if we can get some other ideas!

      1. Thanks for the timely reply. Will try it with an aluminum water bottle (tight seal also) or with small pelican case.. Great idea.

        Also like the idea of alcohol swabs for cleanup during water sterilization as well as for other things when ultralight back packing.

        I use a Steripen for water purification. Dilemma here is that Steripen only sterilizes below the water line within the sterilizing vessel. Raw water will splash above the water line within sterilizing vessel and on the outside lip area of water bottle. These areas also need serializing somehow. I heretofore have wiped off with dry cloth. Dry cloth and alcohol swabs should also work in these areas to knock down waterborne microbes [(giardia), Protozoa, and Viruses] in the areas where Steripen cannot be used.

        As an ultralight backpacker, the weight differential is also important. Great suggestion! Keep up the great work.

        Will be in the high Unitas this weekend (week). Mosquitos will be the major problem.

        Best Regards,



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