A Question for Omnipod Users

This is a picture of Olympic cross-country skier Kris Freeman that I found on pinterest…so apparently having muscles and wearing the Omnipod is not a problem. 


It’s a challenge in creativity to figure out how to wear a pump and do physical activities like yoga, dancing and other atypical movements. A friend of mine is hesitant to try to the Omnipod because she does aerial arts and is afraid it might come off. I have been having a lot of trouble finding sites that I can wear the pod lately because my favorite sites seem to be building up some scar tissue or something that is interfering with my absorption.

This is a question for anyone reading who wears an Omnipod:

What are your favorite sites and why?

Submit a comment below and thanks for sharing your ideas!


One thought on “A Question for Omnipod Users

  1. I used to use an omnipod but switched to pens because of some of these exact issues. My sites were getting irritated, as I started eating better and leaning out the inset would hit the muscle and hurt like the dickens. I would constantly sweat the pods off and it was near impossible to keep them on during water activities such as swimming and surfing. I started to put them on my stomach near my hip but that made sitting uncomfortable. Very interesting to see such a muscular athlete wearing pods on his arm. Thanks for sharing!

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