Travel Pic of the Week

I want to start a little project called ‘Travel Pic of The Week.’ I plan to pick a picture at semi-random and then narrate the context around it. I have so many amazing pictures from travels in the U.S., Costa Rica, and Europe that I think this will be a nice way to bring life back to those memories. Thanks and Enjoy!

a deceptively tranquil path leading to the Cote Sauvage:


In 2011 I traveled to France to explore, meet my father’s family, and speak as much French as I could. My father flew over and spent the first two weeks of my three month trip with me. We started in Paris visiting his aunt, my great-aunt and then worked our way to the Loire Valley to visit cousins. We rented a car and drove from Paris up along the Cote Sauvage, which means ‘Wild Coast,’ staying at a couple of inns along the way, one that was right on the seashore. This was a path leading to a peaceful stretch of beach that one spilled out onto after stepping out of the sliding back door of our room. At the peculiar little inn where we stayed we dined on toast and preserves in the morning and played game after game of pool at night in the parlor. During the couple of days we spent there I roamed the coast, which is indeed fantastically wild and craggy, with waves beating against the rocks and shooting up foam and fisherman in long rubber overalls hauling writhing sea bass in on their lines. DSCN0235


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