Recipes To Not Try

This was actually some really good purple soup that I made the other day…couldn’t really tell you how though.

Hello Dear Readers,

Sometimes living with type 1 diabetes means that you have to experiment with certain substitutions and switches in your diet in order to achieve better blood sugar control. Often I use romaine lettuce instead of tortillas, make ‘pasta’ out of raw zucchini, or I eat lentils instead of rice.

But sometimes adventurous substitutions can go too far.

I got onto pinterest so I could follow my officemate’s cooking interests. She is an amazing chef who cooks “Rainbow in My Tummy” style food for the kids who participate in the programs where we work and she also regularly tells me about the professional grade cakes, soups, and vegetable dishes she makes. I actually have many friends who are excellent chefs and who’ve managed the art of following recipes to such an extent that they can now improv successfully.

I don’t think I’m there yet.

On pinterest, people have boards full of ‘recipes to try.’ I would like to offer you what might be the first in a series of blog posts called:

Recipes To Not Try

I’m Sure It Will Be Good Soybean Hummus


  • 1 can soybeans (minus a few bites)
  • garlic powder (shake it)
  • chili powder (a shake)
  • olive oil (just whatever amt happens to splash into the container)
  • lime (a squeeze)
  • salt (some)

Step 1: Dump all that into a hand-blender approved container and blend on low or high, just whatever feels right at the time.

Step 2: Blend until viscous

Serves: not even your worst enemies

Because here is the thing with soybeans: even though at first, when blended up, you might be tempted to call this soy hummus ‘creamy’ the truth is that it’s slimey, and that even throwing it into the trash is a disturbing experience.

So tack this up onto you dispinterest board and don’t assume, like I am oft to do, that you can just ‘wing it’ yet again (or if you do, let me know so I can add it to my own virtual tackboard).


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