Letting My Laces Down for the ATC

(and dreaming of a thru-hike)

I can’t say I’ve thru-hiked the A.T. , yet. Nor can I say I’m the world champion of whipping out a mummy-bag, jumping into it, zipping up, and cramming it back into the stuff sack. But what I can say at least, after the ATC “Kick Your Boots Off” Fundraiser at the Isis Restaurant and Music Hall on Thursday, November 6th, is that I’ve tangoed my way down an A.T. Trail runway made with chart paper and sharpie marker, twirling and jiving over the fourteen states from Georgia to Maine that the A.T. passes through. I can say that I’ve competed in the sleeping bag challenge to be the fastest in and out of the bag, and although I didn’t win, I still felt wrapped up in the spirit and warmth of the crowd, made up of thru-hikers and lovers of all things out-of-doors.

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